Lightway Lines

It's 2061, and the desire for seamless interstellar travel is huge. Lightway Lines - a modern, specialist airline - is trialing new technology to make space tourism possible for everyone. But in this sci-fi adventure, Rain could end up paying the price for making history.

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Evan faces a frustrating battle with his conscience. It's one he cannot afford to lose, or he risks giving up the freedom he once enjoyed. How will he fare under some intense scrutiny and questioning from two savvy detectives?

That, is entirely up to you.

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Recruit One

MISSION BRIEFING: Ready to take to the stars, Recruit One? Tackle over 20 trials to prove you’re worthy of joining us aboard Lightway Lines, a pioneering space tourism airline. Don’t wait around – you're against the clock and a whole lot more in this sci-fi puzzler. Have you got what it takes?

Control Maye and explore over 20 challenging environments, solve puzzles and be the best to achieve one of seven possible grades.

Note: The itch version may be less up-to-date than the version on Steam.

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